Zooplankton life under the perennial Antarctic sea ice

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Voronina N.M.,  Melnikov I.A.(P.P. Shirshov Institute for Oceanology), Kolosova E.G.(M.V. Lomonosov State University, Vorobievy Gory, Moscow)

Zooplankton was collected during the drift on the USA-Russia Ice Station Weddell 1 in the western Weddell Sea. Stratified tows up to 1,000 m depths were performed under perennial ice at a distance of ca. 300 km from the marginal ice zone from March to May 1992. Seasonal abundance, developmental stage composition and vertical distribution in populations of large dominant calanoid copepod species were studied. The abundance of Calanoides acutus changed inconspicuously and averaged 1,260 ind. m-2 ; its developmental stage composition was characterised by the dominance of copepodites V (CV) and hardly changed in the course of observations. Calanus propinquus was at most stations in fairly low abundance and was represented by CV and adults; at the latest stations, it was not found. Rhincalanus gigas was also scarce; III-IV stages were present, but the first of them only at the southernmost stations. In contrast to this species, in the relatively abundant population of Metridia gerlachei (1,370 ind. m-2 on average), a new generation was observed. There was a clear deepening of the median depth of occurrence of the above three species from March to early May, while in late May a shifting to upper layers was observed which remained unexplained. The data obtained were compared to the data collected in the ice-open eastern part of the Weddell Sea in the corresponding season. It can be seen that the differences in populations dynamics of the four species under the perennial ice depends on their trophic mode, i.e. capability to store lipid reserves in summer and/or to feed in winter, and with food spectra.

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  • Авторы: Voronina N.M., Kolosova E.G., Melnikov I.A.
  • Издание: Polar Biology, 24
  • Год издания: 2001
  • Страницы: 401-407
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